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Roger Ruthhart

As Ted points out, Tom Argy Jr.’s original vision is still very much alive… that these engines could compete together at local tracks where there weren’t enough karts to run individual classes for each engine. The original vision — back in about 2002 — also included a couple of national festival-type events (Rock Island GP, TAG World Finals) where there would be good competition for those who wanted to step up, but also lots of fun things to do.  I was with Tom when he pitched the TAG idea to IAME and others, so I heard it first hand.

What I don’t think Tom anticipated was that TAG would ever become a national class. I believe he thought at the national level there would be enough Rotax, Leopard etc. in the country to maintain single-make classes. But different organizations took the TAG class and ran with it, changed rules etc. and muddied the whole picture.

TAG being run at local tracks under TAG USA rules should continue to be a viable class for many years to come. At the national level, single-make classes have taken root. In both cases, Tom’s vision was accurate 10+ years ago. God bless the man — karting needs more leaders like him. I still miss him every day!