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Scott Boito

There is already a fair amount of kart-hate in SCCA, so this tragic incident may continue to pile on that hate. But honestly, according to the credible descriptions I’ve read from people who were onsite, the reactions are pushing knee-jerk territory.

Several letters have been submitted asking for the mandatory inclusion of a panic shutdown switch on all junior karts. Immediately. An on/off switch is a good idea, I think, but I don’t believe this incident warrants an immediate implementation of such a rule-change. Maybe for next year once we can identify reliable switches for all of our approved motors.

I would hope that people would wait for the results of the causal investigations being conducted before demanding changes. We cannot fix something if we don’t know how/what happened.

What can come from this is better involvement of the responsible Junior Steward at ALL events where juniors are running. This may mean the Jr Stewards taking active roles in teching the karts, providing instruction in panic situations, etc., in addition to asking the kids to demonstrate how to shut off their motor. I’m ALL for that.