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jim lewis

Chris – Don’t sell yourself short on the talent end of the equation – location maybe yes. You are always fast!

Patrick – I run a -01 and a 99. If the 01 is jetted properly detonation is not an issue that I have personally experienced. I have run both MRC and DDR 01’s over the years.

The 99 shortage occurred around 10 years ago so it really is not impacting the decision at this point.

A rule change regarding cylinder at this point would just piss a bunch of guys off, 95% of Skusa members (S1, S2, S4) are running 01 at this point. Most guys probably would prefer not to add another $1000 paper weight to their engine graveyard collection :-)

MRC and DDR seem to have the formula solved on the 01 tuning.  I am sure the ST guys have it dialed in now as well. The engine failures at this point are probably a by product of tuners continually pushing the limits on performance.

Just my opinion – I am a old slow guy so take it for what it is worth. Karting is still the 2nd most fun thing I get to do without getting in trouble. However sometimes the wife thinks I prefer karting to the 1st thing.