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Rob Howden

Thanks for the input, guys! I appreciate you taking the time to post and I can tell you that much of what you’re discussing is coming down the pipe. The launch and fine-tuning of the new EKN site was the first project, and the second assignment is to turn things up a few notches in terms of original editorial and new components for the site. We have a few new components that we’re waiting for only the necessary time to put into place, and we have lots of ideas on the editorial worksheet. We’re really excited about our plans to ‘drop the hammer’ in 2015.

Its funny because I was just chatting with David Cole this morning about all the stuff we’ll put into motion for later in the year and into 2015. and he quickly fired me over the link to this thread. I’m glad that you enjoy my ‘Morning Coffee’ columns, and there will be much more of them.

Any input is appreciated. We want to provide our readership with the editorial they want to read, so by letting us know, it helps the decision making over here.

And in regards to a magazine, I am planning to bring back ‘Super Kart Illustrated’ next year in a limited run. I think it will be pretty badass.

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