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Ted Hamilton

From the bearing hangers and the front right spindle area, looks to be a CRG. I’d guess that it’s a late 90’s Kalifornia chassis, though I’m not an expert on them. Looks in great shape. Engine appears like the Maxter F1K engine, though I’m not an expert on that either — it just doesn’t look like a HPV/KPV, and since it has a clutch it’s not a ICA engine… The bodywork and nerfs are older, and assuming everything works, the chassis as a roller is worth around $500 imo. The engine, perhaps another $300 if it’s reasonably fresh and functional.

Great chassis to learn karting on, but kinda a red-headed stepchild without a place to run (no legal classes for it.) If I’m wrong and it’s a KPV, then there’s plenty of places for it to run, and it’s a great starter kart.

Perhaps someone with more CRG knowledge will chime in. Hope that helps…

2014 Praga Dragon / IAME KA-100