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Rod Hawkins

Agree 100%!!!! I have a few other hobbies and visit sites on a regular basis to feel my interest and learn more. This sport has by far been the hardest to learn about. And it isn’t even close.

I understand the lack of magazines on the shelf, but I am really surprised at the lack of tech info, product tests, and DIY stuff.

Know how hard it is to tune a kart without some pro sitting next to you all day at the track. Just to find baseline info and ask questions regarding, “if my kart does …… Around these types of corners, how do I begin to solve that problem?”.

Lukily I know a couple people that do give me some advice, but I get tired of bugging them, so I go back to guessing.

Examples. What should the baseline set up be for me at XYZ track running my Birel R31 with a kpv?


Since I hate the OTK brakes so bad, how can I improve the braking power and how could one modify it to put a Birel brake on an OTK (I have seen this done using a custom bracket, but I don’t feel too comfortable asking how to do it, since the person is so busy, but it seems like an easy enough modification people would talk about it.).


How to modify the 180mm OTK brakes to the 206mm?

The list goes on. I google a lot, but this sport, as technical as it is, has very little information.

Maybe all the experts that set these things up like to keep the secrets to themselves, that’s the only thing I can think of?