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Kelly Read

I was told Russells expects next batch of tires the end of summer which I’m guessing in September?????

I know CKI had some 5.5/11/6 RH2 tires as I bought some a few weeks back.

Brad ran the Firestone 11/5.0/6 YLH tires all around on his CKI laydown with a controlled motor at MPH this past weekend. This track is not the easiest on tires so it was a good time to experiment. He didn’t finish the entire 45 minute races but, he started the weekend with USED (1 weekend already on tires) tires all around. With 2 days of practice and 2 races, he probably ran 1+ hours on them and all looked good at the end of the day. He was fast but when you don’t take the checkered, who cares!!!!