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Chris Nachtmann

Walt, I think I’m picking up on your humor.. FYI, I have been involved in professional Motorsports all my life and several years at the highest level in drag racing on a multi time championship team. I can tell you I saw more broken necks, backs, arms, legs, noses, etc in competitive cheer than I ever saw in drag racing. All star cheer leading is not pom poms and ra ra. It’s hard core with very complicated tumbling and stunt sequences where girls fly 20-30′ in the air. My daughter had full knee surgery at 10 because she was competing skills that most 16-18 year olds in the country couldn’t dream of doing.  If you want to see some crash compilations, Google Gary Scelzi crash brainerd, or Topeka, or Chicago.  I got to witness those right from the starting line and pic up pieces of the car for 1000′ after. As far as asking Senna, I could say ask Scott Kalitta, Blaine Johnson, Darrel Russel, dale Earnhardt and so on and so on.  What about families that die in car accidents every day? I like my or my daughters odds better in racing. Please don’t think I’m upset or jumping on you. Just throwing my thoughts out there. Anyone feel free to chime in.