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Stu Hayner


Welcome to outdoor karting. Yes, it is exhilarating!

SoCal sprinters is the club I started with many years ago – and it’s a great club. They race exclusively at Adams (fun track)

Also, TriC Karters races at Fontana – well run club – very nice people.

You may also want to look into F100karters. They are a great place to start in karting with a huge novice class (nearly 20 drivers at each event). When you have more experience, you can move in to the intermediate class (also a huge class) and finally in to the advanced class when you can’t be beaten in the intermediate class. They race at most of the local tracks – Adams / Apex / CalSpeed / Willow Springs / Grange.

F100 races 100cc engines which like you heard, are relatively inexpensive and low maintenance compared to many other engine options.

Look them up – F100karters.com. The next F100 race is at Adams July 26.

You should expect over 80 F100 racers at the July race.

If you need more info, please feel free to drop me a text. 714 305-6123.