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Chris Nachtmann

Hey Guys,

Thanks so much for all of the good information!! Please keep it coming!! What would be a good resource for leaning the basics of tuning?  I am used to drag racing where the tuning is more power and application where it seems like in most Karting classes, those are the 2 things you can’t mess with, which I think is great but now your into chassis tuning which things like ballast, grip, tires and chassis flex are things I know zero about.  This is why I am thinking that taking the hit and buying a beginner Kart to allow me to learn the basics and learning what I want and what Im lacking as I go may make the most sense even if it doesn’t make the most financial sense.  Plus, the less adjustment I have, the more likely the Kart will run decent and allow my daughter to build her skills behind the wheel without my tuning holding her back.  Kinda the same thought as what Eric was saying.  If I’m off base, please don’t hesitate to chime in.

Thanks Everyone!!