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Chris Hegar

Sorry Bernie I lose my password to this site about every other time I log out, I could see your post but I was FORBIDDEN to reply.

No laydowns for us but we will have cik opens in hand. I have not seen an actual open laydown here out west in at least 15 years. Couple of stock appearing show up from the midwest if we have a national but nothing else 100cc, it’s all 80cc laydown or nothing. We have Ital 100cc motors but they just sit until we refurbish our twin then it’s on!

The track looks great from the video’s I’ve seen and much faster than before. Just hoping we see no rain in the forecast at that time, that would probably be the only thing that might shut down the program from here. Not that were afraid of rain but an older wiser fella says screw that vs the younger dude that didn’t care about wet socks or rusty kart parts. Looking forward to it!