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Greg Nelson

Bam!!! Kimi out with an injury. Shades of last year bailing early on Lotus or legit? With Ferrari having difficulties this year, will this stir the pot? what if the team improves? What does everyone thing about the 18″ wheels that are being tested? so far just on the Lotus test car and with the normal brakes that fit in the 13″ rims, what could the lower profile tire, larger brakes mean to racing? Other than the 10″ fronts on Tyrrell’s P34, it’s been 13″ since the early 70″s (not sure if they 60’s cars had them, but the older 50’s and older wire wheel cars had to be bigger than 13″, right?) I kinda like the 13″, but wish they would change to the profiles and stance of the 70’s, back then, they almost looked like shifter karts now, smaller diameter, medium wide fronts and big fat rears, stretched out to at all four corners. And bring back a choice between sports car noses or single element front wings. All the layers of crap, flaps and barge boards, yeech! I can deal with gills, fins and vents, even wings, but there’s too much crap tacked on on these cars.