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Rob Howden

Hi William,

Asking a question in the forums, on a race weekend, a holiday weekend at that, will often guarantee that you’ll have to wait a little bit to get an answer. In the meantime, welcome to eKartingNews.com and welcome to the sport of karting. You won’t find a better sport in which to connect with your son and teach him so many life lessons.

One of the first things any of our forum members will want to know if order to help you is your location. By filling us in on where you live, we can better assess the options that you may have in terms of tracks, available classes and race shops in the area. You want to find a club to check out, and we always recommend just heading out and watching a club race first hand. It will also be important to find a good kart shop to work with, as you can certainly buy a used package from the EKN forums or a local racer, but your kart shop owner will likely be your go-to guy for assistance and any parts you might need.

It’s funny that you’ve posted this question, as we’re very close to rolling out the first installment of our ‘Karting 101’ series of articles, which will be designed to help educate people new to the sport and those looking to getting into it.

So, let us know, where do you live and what club is that closet to your home?


Rob Howden
Editor-in-Chief / Publisher

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