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Sean S

Yep, the last one I picked up was from Tractor Supply (deer/woods camera battery)and it was $27 compared to the $60 plus shipping that I purchased online. And you are right the amps, they are 7.5 vs 9.0, 12v. I was at the kart shop picking up my engine and I was just having a few words with another customer. He was the one that mentioned that battery, not the owner of the shop. He was some type of engineer and started getting pretty deep with the cranking amps, output discharge, vibration, location, etc. I looked it up really quick and I’m 99% sure this is it.

I figured if it was that small and light weight I could just mount it under the front faring and behind the steering wheel to reduce the vibration.

thanks again for the quick response.

Tony Kart / Leopard