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Sean S

I saw this post and just now had time to pull the stator off and grab my second one. I had a problem with my spare that I bought from someone on here and never worked which made me think it was something else electrical. I ran the continuity tests and found that I wasn’t getting anything on the Blue and Red wires. I cut the housing away to find out that it has been tampered with and whoever made an attempt to solder it with 2 other pieces of wire, shrink wrap and tape, but didn’t make the best connection.

Here are the results from my current engine stator.
The number under are a second test a few minutes later.
Primart Stator

Here are the results of the spare/hacked stator.
Spare Stator


Not sure about you guys, but do you think my spare is shot or is there anything else to check. I wasn’t getting the continuity sound on the blue and red wires even when I stripped away the jacket to the fresh wire, but i was getting the number read out which looks good… confused


Tony Kart / Leopard