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Ed hodgson

Thanks for the replies, one and all

I’ve raced dirtbikes, and used the clutch a lot on those,  controlling the power out of corners, etc.

When I’m riding this kart, I do let off the gas to upshift, it feels very smooth.

On downshifts, I let the engine de-celerate to where i think the next lowest gear would be at, and it downshifts very smooth too, sometimes I come into the lower gear a tad “hot” and the engine revs a little, but it’s not screaming its brains out. When I panic-braked and the engine quit in gear, I slid, but the engine was off, no rotation was taking place.

Shifting through the gears while engine is off is very smooth too; no weird clunks or sticking.

I’m just trying to pay very close attention to things, due to this being the first time I’ve ridden a gearbox-equipped kart.

*as far as the billet 3rd gear, where is a source for those?*

thank you all again!