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Kelly Read

On a road race sprinter, when we ran it we ran Bridgestones 10/4.5/5 YKC or YLB with Firestone 11/5.0/6 YLH and ran up front and had NO issues.  I know racers who run a sprinter now use Bridgestone 10/4.5/5 YLC or YLB on the front and the Firestone 11/5.0/6 YLH on the rear. NO issues.

On laydowns (Piston Port), we  run Firestone 11/5.0/6 YLH all around.  Brad is going to test his controlled with the 11/5.0/5 YLH all around at MPH next weekend at MPH. He has only ran controlled once and he had the 11/5.0/6 YLH on the front and the 11/5.5/6 RH2 on the back. He thinks the 5.0 YLH will work but we will see. He is hoping a 1/2 in width along with a different tire/compound won’t hurt.

We like these tires do to we can normally run 1 set the entire weekend (practice and 2 races).

We have ran Dunlops & Maxxis and they were OK but we just like what we use today.

EVERYONE has there own thoughts, recommendations, favorite, etc., we just like this tire!!! Until we don’t run up front or these tires are no longer available, this is what we will use.

BOTTOM line: Use what best suits YOU!!!