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Alan Sheidler

Of note is that whether you use RTV type silicone or not, some type of material which acts as a lube during installation of the pipe should be part of the assembly.  I have used a silicon lubricant in a tube, bought from NAPA, when not using the high-temp RTV.  Important is that the ring grooves should be thoroughly cleaned every time the o-rings are replaced.  And, the inside of the pipe which slips over the flange should be very smooth.  I use “Scotchbrite” there.

The point is that the o-rings should be tightly compressed between the flange and the pipe.  The pipe should not just slip on easily, there has to be a snug fit, otherwise it will leak quickly, whether RTV is used or not.  The danger comes in not putting the pipe on squarely during installation.  An o-ring which slips partially out of a groove will be cut through, and fail to perform the function for which it was installed in the first place.