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tony zambos

You’re running out of electrical stuff to replace. Appears that only ignition switch and the fuse are left. To eliminate the starter, remove the starter and battery and place them on your work bench. Connect the negative of the battery to the case of the starter. Quickly tap the positive to the starter lead. NOTE: If starter is not secured, it will try to leave the workbench.
Another item to try is to check for 12v to the starter. Use the ground lead of your voltmeter to the engine case. Unscrew the lead to the starter at the starter and connect to the positive of the voltmeter. With the ignition switch in STOP, there should be no voltage. In KEY, no voltage. In the RUN position there should be 12 volts.
The link below is to a page that has a link to download the 09 manual. The end of the manual has the procedure for rebuilding the starter, including the spots for the silicon.


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