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David Cole

David I happen to like the USPKS option, but why doesn’t Ekarting news show the same love to the WKA Man Cup with coverages.

Hi Patrick,

The USPKS program is really growing into a premier series here in the Untied States after just five events completed so far in 13 months.

WKA has elected not to work with us in a similar fashion to what USPKS, SKUSA, Rotax Challenge of the Americas and other selected events/series do. We publish every news item and race report from WKA, however, we can not attend every event and perform our ‘Trackside’ coverage without the cooperation and support of the promoters/organizations. We also can not do it without the support of EKN Trackside Live supporters, such as Praga North America as the presenting sponsor this weekend along with Checkered Motorsports.

For complete coverage, head to EKN Live throughout the weekend or find what you need in the Event Page.

David Cole - EKN Managing Editor