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M Crotty

Thanks Walt, I’ll try to find a way to keep a little more fuel in the bowl one way or another.

The low speed jet fix sounds odd, why would it be directional? Maybe you’re barely on a threshold.

I’ve cleaned my carb passages as a first attempt (and the screen filter), if that doesn’t help I’ll try bending the arms. Diaphragm type fuel pump has 4 races since a rebuild, I’m expecting to rebuild each season so that should be OK.

I’m rotax, so my pop-off pressure isn’t controllable, however measuring it would probably teach me something. I can bend the float arms or use heavier floats to increase the amount of fuel in the carb bowl.

My ribs are recovering, I’m hoping to make the next club race July 5th. I’m changing a bunch of stuff during my forced hiatus so it’s going to be difficult to tell what’s working this time around.