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michael smith

hi guys,

today has been a whirlwind day for me in my search for engines. THANKS ALL VERY MUCH for all your input.

I looked into the gx390, which can be bought for about $900 at northern tool. then I found discussion about the clone, which is 420cc, and can be bought for about $350 and delivers 13hp. NICE. then I found videos on it and saw the form factor. it takes up a LOT of Space. plus, it and the gx390 weigh over 70lbs !!!! OUCH.

then I was somehow led to the kt100. ok, it sounds GOOD. I love the sound of the 2 stroke, compared to the 4 cycle. its like music. then I find that it weighs in at only 21 lbs. It delivers 15hp stock, and the msrp is only $699?

am I missing something ? My undecated self is saying the yamaha kt100 is what I need, the LS1 of the karting world?

Can you all chime in on why this would not be a good choice? Im sure Im missing something

here is an article on the engine