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michael smith

Michael, I’ve been karting for 13 years, and what I try to do is beat my best at that particular track in that configuration each time I go to that track. Sometimes it might be years before you best your time. Recently I best my time at this one track by 1/2 of a second, a time that stood for 3 years prior.

Since you are a big guy, I really don’t know what motor package would be best, you did however pick out the right frame size. Have you driven anyone else kart? That might help you decide on the motor package.

Welcome to the sport of kart racing, it never gets dull, always looking for that extra that makes you faster.


#55 Honda CR80

Good morning, thanks for the reply. I drove an arrive and drive kart at DKC. it probably has 10 or fewer hp. It took forever to get going but it was amazing fun in the corners.

I wish I had found Karting years ago.

Orlando Kart Center in Orlando FL started a class using a stock Honda GX 390. For your size this would be a very good option. More power than a Chonda or World Formula in a bone stock industrial engine. If your interested then contact them and see if the sell the conersion parts or complete engine.


thanks for the information brian. I will certainly check it out. although I dont know how much a powerful chassis will effect my need to change tires more frequently.
or let me ask this. in a more powerful engine combination, do they sell tires that can go a lot of laps, like 100, without effecting the lap times?