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michael smith

“I’m a big Guy.300 in full dress. Does that change your view on the engine choice or axle size?”

I’m not sure a Chonda OR an LO206 would be good for you based on your body weight. In my opinion, a two stroke, like the PRD Fireball, might be better for you. I think you would be quickly frustrated with the lower performance of those 4 cycle engines, even when you are just running laps for fun.

Im starting to explore other options now, including the two stroke. thanks for the advice man.

Agree you are on the large side (okay, WAY on the large side) for kart racing. All those little guys you pushed around on the football field in high school? This sport is their revenge. If you want to stay 4-stroke, look at the Briggs World Formula. Much stronger than a chronda or L206. Pricier too, I’m afraid, but as a drag racer I’m sure you are familiar with the proportionate relationship between $ and horsepower.

lol. funny.
thankfully I dont plan to race anyone anytime soon. . in Drag racing I am what you call a career “test-n-tuner” just trying to beat my best time. I want to do that with Karts. I also heard if you race enough you may lose some weight?

you are right about drag racing. going faster takes “cubic dollars” and winning is “just a matter of money”
speaking about drag racing. the most conntentious engine right now has got to be the ls1. Those who love it, LOVE it, and those who hate it, REALLY HATE it. it affords young people without too much money the ability to buy a cheap junkyard engine for dirt cheap, bolt a turbo on, and go ridiculously quick for a fraction of the investment of a traditional naturally aspirated drag car?

Is there an equivalent in the Kart World? ie, an engine that just offers an insanely high power-to-cost ratio?