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Kelly Read

Looking forward to MPH !!!


1) The event schedule and entry form can be found on the KART web home page (www.kart.org).

2) I had some racers earlier in the year from MI ask about having a G125 shifter class (35+, 420#) at MPH. We didn’t put it on the schedule but, if any of these do show, we will put them in race 4 on Saturday & race 9 on Sunday as of now.

3) If any Sprint tag 60cc Jr.s want to race, that class will be in race 3 on Saturday and race 8 on Sunday.


Now that Jackie has bought his own kart, I might be able to drive one of my own 2 karts instead of Shannon’s at MPH!! Doubt if Torey will have his new kart done in time so he will have my Margay.

Between putting all new bodywork on Lindsay’s (thanks to Shannon for stepping up since Jim is out of town), making modifications to her old kart for Brad to put his P.P. on so he doesn’t have to change motors between the Open & P.P. races, setting his kart up with the reed jet, fixing my kart from Jackie hurting it (pulled bolts out of exhaust) kind of busy around MT POCKETS RACING right now. Then I get to work on Jim’s!!!