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michael smith

thanks for the replies guys.

. i did the rental at dkc and was hooked. i drag race but this is a whole new level of fun. i plan to do ntk because the price is a little cheaper and it is much closer to me.

, thanks very much for that information. that  is exactly what i need. i looked up the gps unit and its pretty amazing eg telling you speed through a turn

@Walt- i was looking for suggestions on a kart to buy. though, i just bought a “project roller”  like 30 minutes ago.and will start building it up. it has no engine. I was going to just put a chonda in it. or would you recommend a different type of engine to start with?

about the roller i picked up. all i know is it says has a tag that says corsa, the tubes are 32mm, and the axle is 50mm.

im very excited to get started.thanks all.