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Robert Lawson


When I read the info on the new design (more upright cylinder) I took a different idea from it. I was under the impression the upright cylinder gave better intake flow (in the explanation) and simply made better power.

Way back in the day the air cooled K77 had a round bottom end. The threaded bosses were located on the front and rear of the casting instead of the bottom and the engine was mounted flat on it’s front side! Of course, it was a rotory valve model engine. The K78/K88 had a flat bottom and was mounted in a more standard way. The 77 could be mounted in the same fashion with some creative adapted mounts, it also made for a wide bolt pattern.

What the old school explanation represents is this: I don’t see how the angle of an engines mounting in relation to the crank can have anything to do with applying torque.

I’d be interested to see a back to back dyno comparison either way.

It is the wonderful thing about our hobby, anything is OK as long as its legal!!!