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Donnie Leonard

Christian you are right on the money with the rounded dogs.  I called Mike over at shark shifter and he explained it all to me and you pretty much echoed what he told me.  My shifter rod has no play in it and is super tie and doesn’t flex in either direction.  With the case separated I looked at the spacing in the gears and it all seems pretty good nothing to excessive.  I did take a closer look at 5th and the other cluster and it looks like I need to replace some gears.  When I was talking to Mike I had him send me the parts needed to correct this as he had them in stock and could ship out that same day.  I should have the parts Thursday and will compare them once its all apart.


I think to help reduce gear wear I am going to send out all gear box internals to have the REM treated by Taylor Race Engineering (isotropic finishing).