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Kelly Read

I have finished the KART/RUSSELL KARTING SPECIALTIES road race national championships event schedule for HPT October 3-5, 2014. I have sent it to the directors for there approval. Once approved, I will post it so you can see how the schedule will be.


Here are what classes that we will be running. ALL classes (KART & LOCAL OPTION) will run for the TRIAD. (note: I runs on Sat.,  II runs on Sun.).


Sprint G125 shifter ( I, II) (420#)

Sprint 125 stock Honda (I, II) (390#)

Controlled Spec (I, II) (400#)

Sprint Yamaha Jr. (I, II). (8-11) (230#)

Sprint Tag 60cc Jr. (I, II) (8 – 11) (230#/240#)

Sprint 125 shifter heavy (Friday) (400#)

Sprint Tag Sr. (Friday) Per 2014 TAGracing road race weights)

Yamaha pipe heavy (Friday) (410#)

B-Stock (465#)


Sprint 80 cc shifter (I, II) (370#)

100cc open (Sat) (370/390/410)

Piston Port (I, II) (390/410)

Yamaha 4 hole can (I, II) (12 – up) (325/345/360)

B & S Animal sportsman (I, II) (410)

Sprint stock Leopard (I, II) (385)

Sprint CIK Yamaha (I, II) (350)

Sprint 125 shifter (I, II) (385)

Sprint stock Leopard 40+ (Sun.) (385)

Sportsman (I, II) (400)

Unlimited (I, II)

A-Limited (Sun.) (like open but with 1″ maximum carb, same weights as open)

With these classes, there should be no reason that every road racer in the country and outside (excluding 4-cycles outside the Animal class) should not want to attend this years KART/RUSSELL KARTING SPECIALTIES ROAD RACE CHAMPIONSHIPS!!!!

I have already received a few class sponsors and am accepting sponsors as of now. If you are interested, cost is $200.00 per class. You get a reserved pit spot, name on all your class awards, name on advertisements (including the event schedule) PLUS, YOU get to be a very important part of a SUPER event!!!!! I will say don’t wait.  One thing I am good at is getting sponsors and I can assure you that no class will go without sponsorship!!!!!

You may contact me at: