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Scott Newton

I shopped these for a while and just recently gave up and bought a folding Harbor Freight 4×8 trailer.  I have a large enclosed trailer/toy hauler for long trips, but for just quick trips to the local track that was mega overkill.  I just wanted something small & light that didn’t take up much room for storage to use on short trips – which is why a hitch carrier would’ve been perfect, but pre-made ones were way overpriced IMHO, and I’ve got too many projects to take on building my own right now.

I had this same HF trailer a few years ago with my formula 500 car (about 600#, 55″ wide, ~9′ long), and it worked great.  It only takes up about a 5′ x 2′ area in the shed for storage once folded, and has proven to be easily capable of handling the load for several years of service – all for about $230 out the door if you find the right coupon.