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Kelly Read

BIG THANKS to Ron Anderegg, his family and friends who helped put this event on!!!

MT POCKETS RACING had a very good time on and off the track!!! Won’t discuss the off track stuff but will say that we did find a nice quiet ESTABLISHMENT on Saturday night!!!!!

Congrats to my son Brad for winning both Piston Port classes. Him & Austin Henry battled the entire 45 minute race on Sunday with Brad beating Austin to the line by a kart length. What a great race between them. As for THE MAN, super weekend!!! I set a couple records!!!  1) Ran more laps this weekend then I have in 3 years TOTAL. 2) Took the checkered in Sundays race and and even finished 3rd. Had a heck of a race with Mike Baldus, Scott Schrimpf and Jackie Oaks. Being part of 4 karts side by side down the back straight was awesome. I can’t even guess how many times positions changed but  I can say that all of us were in different positions several times per lap.  Thanks guys for the great race, brings back great memories!!!