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John Starkweather

You bleed it by removing the little screw between the brake line and the return spring. There’s one on each side of the rear caliper. For the front caliper you’re on your own until I get a better pic but it might be that big screw right on top.

Then you need a way to force or gravity feed brake fluid into the master cylinders. An old mustard bottle full of DOT3 works.

The linkage to the master cylinder is a bias adjuster, it’s going to be different from one side to the other and it will flop all over the place with all that air in the system.

Please make sure the bolts holding the calipers to the frame are high tensile strength and not stove bolts and why is there an elbow coming off the rear master cylinder and not a straight fitting?

Brakes look like early righetti ridolfi?


Thanks for the response!
On the rear brake caliper bleeder screw I believe your speaking of I see one between the brake line and return spring I also see on below the brake line as well.. there are two on the other side as well. Is there a procedure to opening them?

Ill check on the bolts holding the calipers in, just got the kart so ill add it the list haha. As for the elbow on coming off the master cylinder I’m not sure Ill check that out tomorrow.

Once I get a response on the front Ill go ahead and give a shot at bleeding the system and see what happens. Is it possible the seals in the master cylinders have gone bad and not allowing pressure to build up? No brake fluid leaks anywhere and the master cylinders are topped up when I pulled the screws out.. just doesn’t seem that likely that air found its way into the system. Either way its going to get bled. Thanks again!

A few dark pictures of the front calipers;
 photo image-6_zps62eccb21.jpeg

 photo image-7_zpscb97fa8b.jpeg

 photo image-8_zpsbc14ca60.jpeg