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Ray Lovestead

Gary I’ve done exactly what you are talking about.  Don’t be discouraged.  Given enough time you can overcome any issues.  I bought a 1999 CR125 bike off craigslist for $800 bucks.  I tore the motor out of it, kicked the rest to the curb, tore down the motor, replaced the bottom end and top end and it worked perfectly for me.

Then I went ahead and replaced the 5 speed gearbox with a used 97 gearbox from ebay.  $300 bucks.

Fact of the matter is, Honda parts cheap and widely available.  Also, new parts or old, they will break and wear out on a kart.  Karts are very hard on parts, and unless you have loads of money to pay someone else, you will become an expert at fixing the motor yourself.


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