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Paul Kish

“Paul, how does your theory work in a flat out high G type of corner? Since you have admitted that you are not a driver this means a corner that is taken without lifting or braking but is a challenging corner.”

I don’t know, try it and see if it works.


If your able to put the pedal to the metal in a high G corner it’s not going to work.  It won’t work because your entry speed was slow because of being a slug on the straight, you have setup and grip issues, maybe driving issues or it’s a corner in the course where speeds are so slow there is no application there for it.  I think I prefaced in my first post entry will be at the  limit of grip.  If entry is not at the limit of grip, then it has no application.  I forgot how  seldom a sprint or road racer is actually racing at the limit. … :)  just havin fun with words.


thinking about it some more.  If your on a track with 15 turns, unless your a really bad driver, are there really more then one or two turns where speeds are such you actually have a chance of loosing grip and  spinning or pushing?  My thinking is the biggest slow factor sprint racing beyond lack of hp is pushing and  if you do push it’s generally because you didn’t brake enough and has  nothing at all to do with driver skill at turn in or beyond.


I’m not a driver now but I did drive and found out i’m not any good at it.  If it makes you feel better talking down to me, do it but it’s not necessary I will generally understand what you say relating to racing.  If I don’t I’m not afraid to ask for help understanding.



If there is no possibility of using this technique sprint racing, we  can easily end this now without any need for further conversation.  I’m confident what I presented or tried to present is a valid possibility.    If  it’s not then it’s not and sorry I wasted your time and others time.


… but I  am correct. … :)    maybe?


Brake, Insert 'arc', Turn, Accelerate