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Mark Sink

For those who just want to look at all the lovely tracks, you might want to use Google Earth.

Open Google Earth, and select from the top menu bar:  Add -> Network Link

For Name use whatever you want, but we’ll use ‘Kart Tracks’ for now.

For URL copy and paste the next line into the box


You can leave everything else alone, or play around with it.

OK, This will add  a new Place on the left named ‘Kart Tracks’ or whatever you named it.  This is optional, but the red circles are really big, and this will make them smaller.

Right Click on the name ‘Kart Tracks’ and select ‘Get Info’

Click the ‘Style, Color’ tab.

You will see a section called ‘icon’  You will see the red color, which you can change, and a number next to ‘scale’.  Change scale to 0.3 for example to make the circles smaller.

Link to Google Earth if you don’t already have it.