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Nick Weil

Go to any big dirt kart race and everyone will have leather jackets and jeans.<br>
http://www.adleathers.com/karting.html is the gold standard.

Did he just use the words “Dirt Kart Race” AND “Gold Standard” in the same paragraph?

I’ve been to quite a few dirt events, and the words “Gold Standard” never, ever crossed my mind. But, I have yet to attend a dirt kart race where the hired security staff weren’t required. LOL!

As to the leathers, I raced some motorcycle stuff back in the early 90’s and HAD to wear leathers. When I went to karting, I was a bit skeptical and wore my leathers for about 3 races in Florida before I said, “screw that!” and bought what at the time was a nice MIR suit. If you spend the right money on a real karting suit, you do get some good abrasion resistance, and you won’t sweat nearly as much as a leather suit.