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Mark Sink

Great… this is growing so I took the initiative to start mapping these tracks and all others, but need your help. This is not just for tracks near snow, but all tracks anywhere in the world.

I have created a Karting Tracks map using Google MapsEngine.  I am allowing anyone to view and add tracks.

Here is all I ask:

1. Search for the actual track name in hopes that google knows about it.  This will ensure the tracks will have website info, address, phone, etc associated with them. Not just a pin on  a map.

2. If google finds it on the map, just click the pin and select ‘Add to Map’ Pin will change to red circle.

3 Drag red circle to closer identify the actual track where karts run.  Do not obscure the track with the pin/lable. So place it at bottom, top, right, etc to keep the track clear but close enough that we can clearly see where the track is.

That’s it!  You’ve added a track to the database of tracks.

There is a drop down arrow next to ‘Base Map’  You can change from satellite image to others types of layers there if that helps.

Link to Karting Tracks





I was up to 110 tracks, hours and hours of  work and then google deleted all the data. So, I’m putting this on hold until I have a more stable method in place.