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Chris Reinhardt

Mike, no it’s coded to use the optical pin, probably overkill…  It will work with any MyChron system that uses that same optical receiver pinout.

I did a quick test today in the parking lot, and it seems to work well.

I did a couple of mods, I shortened the leads, and it’s now powered through the MyChron unit, so no external power is required.  My next mod will be adding a Lipo battery to the box, so I don’t have to carry a dozen AAA’s to track all the time….

The M3 Gold having lat G sensor and wheel speed, along with the GPS beacon, will give you almost everything the M4 will with GPS except elevation and a nifty google map…

The M3 system was such a great system, simple and had all the data I need, the only real complaint I have after all these years is the batteries.  The GPS beacon was a nice to have, so I don’t have to worry about having a beacon available…

Chris Reinhardt

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