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John Matthews

Lynn Haddock wrote-

More overpriced non-sense from Europe. Racing was better and the drivers were better when we only used four number panels and small tubular bumpers + nerf bars. All this plastic crap that has been sold in the name of safety and making the karts look more like race cars is a huge load of  S —  Follow the money for the real truth.



Karting in the US has gone steadily downhill since we started letting folks in other countries make our rules for us. These so called “safety features” just make things more dangerous by giving reckless drivers a false sense of security. This new proposal is a clear admission that full width rear bumpers are wrong for karting and adding more stuff to combat bad driving is just plain stupid.

I challenge anyone to show that karting was any more dangerous back when we just had number panels attached to a thin bar in front of our tennis shoes. If CIK had any interest in training drivers to compete in open wheel race cars they would drop all this nonsense and remove the full width rear bumpers all together. Sadly it seems to be an organization designed to serve manufacturers, not racers….