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Bjork Denil


I have zero experience racing high performance karts, but I have some experience with motorcycles. What you are saying is taught there. Reasons are similar. You dont want the motorcycle leaned over through most of the turn trying to balance grip and limit acceleration.

So the sequence looks like this on a motorcycle:

1) traveling on the straight portion

2) big push on the handlebars to point deep into the oncomin corner and set the braking line.

3) reach end of braking line and another sharp input to point to acceleration line

4) bike is still leaned, hard acceleration at this point which will automatically pick up the bike and set it on the exit/ acceleration line.


in short, get the direction changed quickly, do not lean longer than you have to, so you can get the fat part of the tire working for you when the bike is upright.


so for bikes there are indeed two curves that probably what Paul is talking about. Its above me to say whether it translates to karts