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Brian Mead

Bill- I’m a geezer too, and have been drawn to the LO206 motor and class.  To drive a tag fast lap after lap at our age is tough, and as Keith said, a very steep learning curve.  My Leopard is quick and trust me, after about 2/3 of a final I was totally gassed and rapidly became a moving chicane.  I hope NHKA will look at an adult 206 class,  it has a great selling point, its cheap. Plan and simple. Motor is sealed and due to the lack of hp you can make older stuff ( which you can pick up cheap) work.  The mistakes you will make will be at a more manageble speed, and allow you to get your feet under you for racing.   TAGs  are fast  and beat you to death, and if you  are new, you’ll be trying to catch up to the kart for awhile.  Good luck