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Brian Degulis

I don’t know how they do it in NH I’ve never been there. In FL your best option would be a clone kart. Clone is a chinese copy of a Honda GX 200 it was developed to provide a low cost platform for racing. Check out Box Stock Project on the web. For under $3000 you can buy a good clone kart. For $125 you can buy a suite if you want one or you can buy a jacket for $60 and just wear jeans. You can get a decent helmet for under $200. For a $55 track fee you can practice at Anderson all day. You can race every month with Tri City Kart Club in St pete. They have a good senior class and you won’t be running against big money¬† just good local racing. You can keep a clone running for very little money. They’re faster than anderson’s rentals not as fast as TAG but they won’t beat up your body or drain your bank acount like TAG will.