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William Butcher

Hello All,

Well, I will need to rethink Karting with NHKA. My hopes for Karting must wait until my return to Florida in the fall. Reason? Far more costly to even test a Kart than I expected. To rent a Kart is next to impossible. and if you do, it will set you back $250 and was told if I went off track and got the Kart dirty, that would set me back another $150 for the cleaning of the Kart. Having never driven a TAG Kart and still mostly a rookie, most likely I’d end up overdriving the Kart and headed into the grass. $4oo for a days racing, not to mention any standard fees is just too steep for a Rookie like me to dish out. On top of that the required racing suit ($899) helmet ($499) and gloves, neck brace, rib protector and shoes (all prices quoted from a dealer). I loved racing the “Rock” karts (only 45mph) at Anderson Race Park in Fl. Sure they are arrive and drive and helmets/neck brace are included, but I will learn the art down there, met the required lap time in order to take a lesson on the TAG Karts (equipment provided) for far less than $400 a day. I know serious Karting can be costly, new TAG karts starting over $5,000 and way up for serious racers. Nothing is cheap these, but I did not know the cost of getting into karting as a hobbyist ( outside of arrive and drive) is so costly. Maybe one day I’ll find someone “retiring” from Karting and buy and learn on used equipment. Until then¬†, a 2 hour drive to a outdoor arrive and drive track south of Boston will fill my needs!!!

Have a great Karting summer! I hope to be watching from the side lines at the NHKA races.. So much to learn!

Thanks for the info!

Bill, Ossipee, NH