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Bob Vehring

Lets be clear that I am talking the same basic bumperthat comes up to the WKA required height and runs at least between the frame rules.. That is the same design thats been on all karts since we started in 83. It protects every thing but the wheels.


I think a big part of the problem is US karting has now simply taken to the common practice of simply mandating what the Europeans do. Please don’t tell me its saftey because far to many things saftey related, some of which were mandated for years, are now not enforced on European karts.

Heres a few of my favorites. At one time ALL karts were required to have some form of stopping the rear hubs from coming off the axel. It could be Cir Clip, tether or a nut and bolt. ALL 4 cy classes must still have this. CIK karts no longer have to because they don’t ship them with that. I guess wheels don’t come off over there but you may remember years ago a member of this board died when hit in the face with someones elses wheel and tire that flew across the track.

All 4 cy engines are required to have their pipes wrapped with heat tape, our pipes are 1 in in dia and about 16 in long. Seems odd that a 2 cy pipe, that cover the whole area in the back of the kart, or my real favorite, some of the 125 engines where the pipe exits in front and comes up and over the engine, right next to the driver need anything I guess those guys don’t burn

This last one should concern everyone. WKA put very tight reg’s on Briggs reqaurding flywheels, they must be steel, not cast, require factory “To destruction” testing and be enclosed by a double thickness cover attached by 5 mounting points.

Two seasons ago I witnessed a Comer 50 cc flywheel explode coming down our straight at Badger. I saw it, I inspected the engine including the cheap cast cover which was blown right off, and I swept the scharpnel off our grid, which if it had been a race day rather then a practice day, would have been filled with people and karts. I did notify the “powers that be” and received no response, not even acknowledgement they received it. No changes have been made to the flywheel system on this engine. When in doubt, HIDE.

I have little doubt that this new bumper is really driven by the manufacturers, who simply want something new to sell you