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Bob Vehring

In a perfect world, we’d all have highly trained pro CW’s, how ever that’s rarely the case. Lets face it, at best its a one day a week JOB, and the pay, if there is any sucks

Even it Road Racing where we sometimes get the same CW’s as say Indy Car, there actually not very good for Karting because how we race is so different from cars.

My kids have raced since the 80’s, Road Race, Sprint and ovals, all share the problem. Whatever the class, if legal I use 4 cy style body work, even in 2 cy classes. Simple rule, To finish first, you must first finish. A full nose covers you front tires, really cuts down on climbing someone elses tires or kart. With only the short bumper in back, no one, well almost no one will deliberately try to tap you out going into a corner with a chance of climbing your tire. Sprint is not remotely as rough as oval racing, every oval kart there has a full nose and a short bumper, for exactly those reasons, to stay in the race.

I understand the European following doesn’t like that style, and I do have CIK body work for our sprint karts, just don’t use it unless we have to, the goal is to minimize anything, that could cause us problems.

I think the point here has been made several times, the “new answer” looks like it could cause more problems then it would fix


BTW, I guess that now I could qualify as the “old guy”, and the Beatles sucked in the 60’s too