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Sean S

That post was rushed without details since I was at work and just looking for a basic answer on wider track = more flex or contribute to bouncing. I guess that video was a bad example also since it was a second run on an engine break-in and that was my 10th lap around that track. I wasn’t driving hard, but towards the end as I was pushing a bit more is when the hopping started to arise. I’m mainly on road courses in the past years, so short tracks are a bit different for me.

-Track with wheels = 56.5″
-Tony Kart Type N = 40.5″ or 1030mm
-Tony Kart Mag Hunbs = 3.5″
-Hubs are 1″ out from bottom on each side

-06/07 Tony Kart Krypton 30mm
-MY07 Parilla Leopard
-1 set of seat struts
-Full caster
-Scrub radius: All spacers inside of spindle (wide width) except for 1 small
spacer on the outside behind the wheel nut.
-Was running front torsion bar and was removed last weekend.
It free up the kart and feels nice, but hopping still persists

Tony Kart / Leopard