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Austin Henry


The way I have seen the effect of castor/camber is this.  Camber’s biggest effect is the way the kart turns in and camber has a larger effect on how the kart rotates.  For example at heartland park I was running 8 degrees of castor and +1/4 on camber, the kart would neither turn in or rotate, so I went to 12 degrees castor and -1/2 on camber, the kart was then almost un-drivable is was so loose, especially when the weight was rotating.  I then changed the castor back to 10 degrees, this greatly helped the weight transfer and “unloading” of the kart from center off.  It really takes a lot of trial and error to get your kart where it is fast and you feel comfortable, and this set up should change based on what type of track, and track conditions your are faced with.

Austin Henry