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Kelly Read

Track, kart & driver makes a difference in our experience. We did find out that we can’t run the same castor & camber on a Coyote as we can a CKI. Coyote doesn’t like positive camber and very little castor by our testing. Best we found on a Coyote (narrow) with Lindsay in the kart is 12 castor and -1 on camber. We have tried several combinations over the past 2 years and have went back to that. The CKI (as for Brad & Lindsay), they like 8-10 castor and + 1/4 – +1/2 camber. Right now we are at 8 castor & +1/4 camber. Works great on a Comer P51!!! It seemed to work on a Reed Jet at Afton but we had other issues. We always set toe at 0. We set our karts up on a level floor with the driver in it.

Some people don’t believe we set up our karts like this but, follow them through the turns and you will see the difference!!! Just look at there tires. Pretty obvious that they run +camber. Everything we read says ( – ) camber is best but they talk about short wheel base, suspension, etc… Our belief is that we run long wheel base (not a sprint kart) with low center of gravity. I do know that we have went faster then what we used to use. Keep in mind, what works for my kids might not work for others but until you try it, you will never know. I know it can be work but, I recommend taking baby steps when experiencing. Having a kart set up right is more important than a fast motor in my opinion.