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Bob Vehring

This isn’t a new problem, It was here at Badger 10-15 years ago, WKA for a while banned  full bumpers because of the pushing in corners.

The reality is pretty simple to understand. If the kart in ft of you has open tires showing, chances are, if you hit them, its you thats going up and out. Just as clear, if the kart in ft of you has a full bumper, it doesn’t take much of a hit as he enters a corner to move him out of your way. If a driver doesn’t understand that, maybe he shouldn’t be out there

The answer appears to be fairly simple, do you want to race open wheeled karts, or bumper cars?


For those calling for better enforcement, here’s a story I have had to give at Badger many times.

When a parent, crew member, family or friend has something happen to their driver they come running to the Flagman or RD saying “didn’t you see that?

The sad truth is, when you have 10-25 karts on the track, are looking from one stationary point and have the entire track and field to look over, probably not.

When you watching, your looking at your driver full time, the officials, or CW’s have everyone to look at. Their view is  often obstructed by other karts, their angle to the situation, distance, etc. They can not stare directly at each kart, most likely they don’t notice something until it has started to happen. Sad but true.