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If the kart still kicks butt just drive the darn thing, and let it enjoy life some more

And if the scaling is off, but not too bad, just try to compensate for it, and go kick some more butt

I absolutely enjoy seeing a low budget kart kicking butt.

In my book, if it’s not broken don’t fix it, if it works great, and handles awesome, and will do whatever you want it to do, then just drive it, don’t change anything.


Sometimes my Son has issues with his kart, and after we find something that he’s happy with, we stick with it. I ask him if it made any difference? And he sais I LOVE IT, PLEASE DON’T CHANGE ANYTHING.

So there you go. A kart could be out of whack and  maybe undriveable to me, but sometimes with his driving style he can make it drive like if that piece of junk is on traction control!!! Smooooth operator.

So if he likes it, and he does very well with it, and gets good results?

Then use it and abuse it till he’s ready for an upgrade. My 2 cents